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Does anyone know of a link to the build of this Smart car?
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Alloy wheel

Looking for information regarding:
What size tries?
Did the tires clear with just the daystar lift?
What rims and are they a standard Smart car bolt pattern or were adapters used? What offset was used?

I like the look of this Smart car and want to replicate it. Any help directing me to where to find information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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That appears to be the Daystar kit. For wheels it has some spacers and some generic offroad wheels. It appears to be topped off with offroad tyres (ATV?) and some extreme panel cutting to fit the tyres.

Can't tell you about specifics, that car isn't one of a SCoA member.

My offroad project is going to be a bit more palatable than that, I'm not cutting into perfectly good panels.
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