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Looking for service/maintenance in Orange County

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I recently got a 2012 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet and was wondering if anyone has recommendations on where to take it in the Orange County, CA area?

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I bought my smart fortwo late 2012 @ Smart/Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel. With the mindset they'd take care of me I took it back there for service the first four years. Higher pricing than independents but definitely felt cared for.....

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I'm sorry I'm afraid I don't. I actually live a good distance from Laguna Niguel and maybe 45 mins from the boarder of OC. On top of that mine was wrecked in the 5th year and not finding a reasonable replacement with the insurance money moved on to a Scion iQ.

You can always call and ask for an estimate for what you need done.

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Smart madness.
Was almost going to mention them except Signal Hill is in LA County.

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