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Welcome to the site! Jwight's advice is the most crucial. Keep it maintained and it should provide you with many smiles for years to come.

There's only one major "don't" I can think of, and it's don't let your car sit for too long covered in mud or salt. Always get an underbody wash. Reason why is because salt will rot out your reluctor rings which will in turn cause traction control, stability control, and ABS to all fail.

Some people live in the rust belt and never wash their underbodies. Years down the road these people end up with cars that look pretty until you peek your head under the body.

I've done that chassis point lube thing a couple times. To date I've not noticed any changes but the front end "crashing" sound going away. Then again, my car's used and often put away wet so maybe it's beyond being fixed by lube. :D
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