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Lorinser powerpack install .

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When I purchased my 2017 453 , I decided to add the complete Lorinser 453 body kit , wheels , suspension and power package . I installed all items myself , when it came to the power pack install , the directions were pretty vague, but Smartmaddness helped me desipher that issue . The only weak link in the install was the splice into the OEM crank sensor wire. The included kit had one of those plastic squeeze clamps that cuts into the plastic of the wires into a metal clip . (My best judgement was to strip and
solder the wires) but I figured that the included joiner was adequate. Fast forward 13 months , started getting a weird feel on the throttle and an occasional pop out of the exhaust .. then last week , very poor response from the throttle and a considerable lack of power .. I put my bypass plug (runs the car on the OEM electronics ) and my car ran fine . So the only logical answer is either a fried Lorinser power pack , bad ground or that weak link for crank sensor . I checked my ground and it was tight and sound , and then I wiggled the plastic connectors the crank sensor wire and the wires felt loose, so I took it off , stripped the wires and soldered them together .. insulated them , reconnected the Lorinser power pack and started it . Took it for a shakedown and was so pleasantly surprised I feel even more power than before ... I think that connector was a bad choice for Lorinser to include in their package . Once again better judgment should of overruled the use of that connnector in such a critical application .
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Hi there - I've just picked up a 2017 Smart 453 with Brabus sports package, just came upon your posts regarding the Lorinser Powerpack which I'm interested in getting. Do you have a picture of showing the routing of the harness as well as location of where you install the ECU? I am not very handy and will appreciate any visual you are able to provide for me to out of my way to install this on my own.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the sharing your insight. I'm thinking to use high-heat thermo wrap to further reduce heat and hopefully reduce the interference, do you think this sounds like a good idea? The only reason I don't want to solder at this time is due to reverse capability and warranty issue.

Have you had the opportunity to compare the gains of your Lorinser unit vs others like Madness ECM? I spent some time to research online but there's very limited information regarding the actual gains such as dyno chart.

Appreciate your help and prompt reply.

The power pack has pretty straight forward instructions and the plugs only mate to their corresponding outlits . My best advice is to solder the crank sensor wire instead of using a mating clip and keep the wires away from the alternator area due to feedback . I have my powerpack mounted in the rear compartment with some Velcro on the unit , to attach to the floor . I had to bend some of the right hand rear corner of the access opening to allow the wires to snake thru .. the lid sits flat as usual . It’s a lean way of keeping extra heat off the unit . PM me if you run into questions .
I was actually referring to the wiring loom. I ended up going with the CPA chiptuning unit which I believe produce similar results.

Thanks for the tip for the install, it will come in handy when the unit arrives. Cheers!

If your referring to wrapping the powerpack unit , don’t , its finned and acts as it’s own heat sink . Electronics like cool , reason why I put the pack in my back trunk area vs the engine compartment .
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