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I have had this problem for about two years now.
Whenever I try to shift to reverse from drive, the engine gives a loud clunk before shifting. One time trying to park in a very busy street, I rapidly shifted to reverse, backed up 10 m and parked. But then I could not shift! I tried moving the car, turning it off & on, shifting to neutral.
It finally gave me the biggest clunk and fell into drive so I could get home.
It is working fine now & I know not to “scrare” it into reverse anymore but...
What is happening to my Lennie?

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Are you shifting into Reverse and/or Drive while the car is still moving? If so, I don’t recommend doing that. These transmissions aren’t designed to change direction quickly. I usually come to a full stop, choose my new gear, then set out. :)

Also, welcome to Smart Car of America! :x
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