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Love my Smart car

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After years of driving my 2012 Smart car I have wanted a truck for my business for several years. I recently sold my RV and purchased a new 2019 F350 Platinum truck and love it. After driving the truck for less than a month, I realized how much I love driving my Smart car. It's small and I can almost do a U-turn in a driveway. My Smart car doesn't have all the luxuries that my F350, but it is so easy to drive. I don't have to park out in the empty part of the parking lot because I'm worried someone will ding my Aluminum truck. The truck is big and I have to be careful since it sits up so high.

Anyhow, I'm now considering leasing one of the new 2019 Electric Smart cars. I'll keep my 2012 and drive it occasionally, but I like the 2019 Smart car design.

I'm curious, how does the Electric Smart car drive compared to the gas Smart car?

BTW, my truck will be used for long trips and hauling, my Smart car will be for around town driving.
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2020 end of the line............

Just keep in mind that all smart sales in the USA ends in 2020. Stealership on-hand inventories are very low................
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