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Love my Smart car

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After years of driving my 2012 Smart car I have wanted a truck for my business for several years. I recently sold my RV and purchased a new 2019 F350 Platinum truck and love it. After driving the truck for less than a month, I realized how much I love driving my Smart car. It's small and I can almost do a U-turn in a driveway. My Smart car doesn't have all the luxuries that my F350, but it is so easy to drive. I don't have to park out in the empty part of the parking lot because I'm worried someone will ding my Aluminum truck. The truck is big and I have to be careful since it sits up so high.

Anyhow, I'm now considering leasing one of the new 2019 Electric Smart cars. I'll keep my 2012 and drive it occasionally, but I like the 2019 Smart car design.

I'm curious, how does the Electric Smart car drive compared to the gas Smart car?

BTW, my truck will be used for long trips and hauling, my Smart car will be for around town driving.
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"I'm curious, how does the Electric Smart car drive compared to the gas Smart car?"

I currently have a 2018 453 EQ. This is my 5th smart in my family. There is absolutely nothing to complain about. It flat smokes down the road. I own the 1st 500ft from the signal (other then a Tesla S). Ride is great compared to my 2015 Brabus 451. Because the EQ is heavier then the gas version, it is more stable at speed.

Get the sport package with the 16" wheels and tires. They handle the extra weight of the EQ just fine, no rolling the edge of the tires. If you need range, drive it like an electric...

Put it in ECO mode (regenerates more), light on the gas, coast into corners and coming up to stop signs and signals. And never go above 25% energy use on the gauge. Even in 100* heat, I can pull 80-85 range driving this way...

Plus it has power steering, Bluetooth, fog lights, cruise control, cross wind assist and an alarm system. All standard. Better hurry, it's getting thin on inventory out there!
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WOW! Didn't even make it through the 2019 model year! Glad I snagged my 2018 453 EQ when I did...
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