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low beam headlight harness corroded - replacement?

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My lowbeam h7 flickers in and out and upon inspection the connector harness looks corroded. Moving the wires around keeps the light on until a bump on the road.

Does anyone know of the part number for the harness? Or where to get a replacement harness? pictures below:

So in the case I cant get this exact harness, all the aftermarket h7 harnesses have 2 wires instead of the 3 pictured. Are those two brown wires ground wires? Can they both be soldered with a single wire in a 2 wire harness?
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I would change the bulb first as there could be a loose connection there. If you determine that the connector or harness is at fault, try contacting Autobahn used smart car parts in El Cajon, CA. and see if they will sell you a harness or connector. Their phone number is: (619) 444-2290. The brown wires are grounds. Trace the ground wires out to make sure they are night where they attach to the chassis.
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As @Bob Ricewasser suggested check the bulb first, but if you determine the issue is definitely with the plug, you should be able to just snip the old one and splice a new one in. I haven't replaced a headlight in the Smart, but unless the plug has a necessary retainer built in you should be able to replace it with any generic H7 plug; as usual with harness splicing, solder and heat shrink tubing.
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Try Rock Auto...

thanks for the suggestions. new bulb did not resolve issue, going to purchase a new harness and attempt a splice
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