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Lug bolt for 451

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I purchased some lug bolts for the aftermarket Newton Genius 17” wheels… but looks like the lug angle on the seating is not the same as the oem’s …
see below pictures. The right is the oem and the left is from the aftermarket
just want to see if they have different type of angles on the nut in the market or just my illusions?


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Most, if not all, the aftermarket wheels use the OEM bolt.

Yes there are several different shapes.
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Does it mean the seat is dependent on the the wheel? Those conical bolts come with the wheels that I ordered. Or the bolts should be the same as OEM?
If the wheels came with them then use them. The seat should match the wheel...

EDIT- It does not look like the thread side matches the OEM. Hmmm. Is it just optical illusion?
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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