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After trying 3 or 4 high-powered air guns that failed, I welded together a tool with 3 bolts on it to go into 3 of the 4 pulley holes and a socket welded to it to go to a breaker bar to hold the crankshaft

I then between the springs put a long extension to a 1/2" ratchet with a long 4' pipe going over the ratchet handle
Pushed down. Came untorqued and loosened!! Actually did not have to push hard on the pipe. I had the bolt loosened 5 minutes after I finished the tool I had a replacement pulley that I used as a template to make the tool. The tool is very roughly made the welds are terrible but work (I have a friend with a machine shop who could have made it a lot more precision but did not want to bother) (I should add that I needed to take the pulley off because I damaged it trying an unusual way to put a stretch belt on and I found a used replacement pulley)
but it worked Here is a pic (posting trying to be helpful I am not selling it (as rough as it is) obviously

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