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Posted on on Saturday, March 15th 2009

Well, if you missed the parade today, you missed a lot! It was great. Thousands of people lined the streets of Greenville Ave and were pumped to see our little smarts. David and Karen were slated to drive their drop-tops, but the weather was misty and cold. But our smart was told to get into line when trying to leave, and we were in the parade also. I got some cool pics of the parade. Several news stations were there, most notable was Fox 4 news.

Afterwards, we met up with the club to go to the Dallas Smart Center’s aniversy. Really good turn out. We saw smarts all over Lemmon Ave. They had LOTS of people show up, and seems to go well.

I will post pics of both as soon as I get them from you all! I will also spend the majority of the say writing the articles for Smartimes Magazine.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with our new venue. Many people expressed that we should change the meeting place, and to accommodate those in Tarrent County, will be meeting at The Tequila Factory & Grill. Jenni and Ava suggested this venue.

When: March 28th 5pm

Where: The Tequila Factory & Grill

3314 Harwood Road

Bedford, TX 76021

We have the back room to ourselves.

I will be sending out an evite to get a

good idea of a head count.

We lots of news for you all. See you then!

Brandon Ivey

DFW Smart Orginizer


[email protected]
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