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The Smart Car Marketplace is a great place to get a good or great deal on many Smart vehicles. We provide these classified forums free of charge and offer no-fee sales to our members as a benefit of Smart Car of America. We have some common-sense rules outlined below that we expect everyone to follow.

Anyone who does not comply with these rules will be warned and possibly banned from Smart Car of America Forums. For your safety and the safety of others, please comply with the Classifieds rules and read the buyers advice at the end of this post

Smart Car of America assumes no ownership or risk in your purchases in the Marketplace - the transaction is between you and the seller.


1. Post your vehicle, price and if necessary, a picture. Otherwise your thread will be locked or deleted immediately. Please do not PM the moderator to re-open your thread if it is closed because you did not post a price, you must re-post the item.

2. No auction style posts, no links to items on eBay or Craigslist; sell it here or sell it there, not both. This includes links to auctions and sales of items on other sites too. If someone you are buying from (or responding to a WTB) PM's you with an ebay link to their item, please forward the PM to a moderator.

3. No spamming. This means pick one and only one classified forum to post your for sale item in, even if it possibly pertains to several models.

4. No "Group Buys" are allowed in these forums. Only approved Smart Car of America vendor sponsors can post these in the Vendor Marketplace.

5. No "dealers", vendors or bulk sales of any kind without the Administrator's approval. If you acquire items in quantity (bulk sales mean >1 item) with the intent of offering them for resale here, you are a dealer under this rule. In addition, you may not place URL's in your profile or signature that link to an offsite FS/T list.

6. No multi-level marketing schemes. Posting links that guide our members to a scheme that benefits a single member are not allowed. Peddle your free iPod somewhere else.

7. "Bumping" and "relisting" rules. You can push your thread up (bump) no more then 10 times total. Once a thread is dead you can relist it in 15 days from the day you posted your item the first time (or the date of the last bump at moderators discretion depending on bump frequency). You can relist your item 3 times total. After that you must sell it elsewhere.

8. No "services" allowed unless authorized by the Administrator. (ex. I can build xxx for you @ xxx each)

9. No bootlegged software sales. Anyone who knowingly buys or sells bootlegged (Warez) software through this forum will be permanently banned. This includes copies of navigation DVDs. Also, you may not sell Academic or NFR (not for resale / not for retail or oem distribution) software.

10. No alcohol, tobacco, firearm, or any weapons sales.

11. No Pornographic (XXX) item sales.

12. Please limit 'chit chat' in the classified forums to questions and responses about the item being sold.

13. Calling dibs means absolutely nothing. Who gets the item is the seller's discretion as long as they are not running an auction-style sale. They can reject low offers or even at-asking-price offers based on a number of parameters including prior experience, local buyers, etc.

14. No 'testing the waters' or 'possibly for sale' posts. Either you're selling the vehicle or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready. Please do your research on your asking price before posting the item for sale.

15. New members (either recent joiners by date or few posts) selling high dollar items may have their threads closed or removed due to the risk to our members. High dollar items are generally those over $250 but may be defined by moderator's discretion. New members selling high dollar items should be prepared or proactive in offering references from other Smart Car of America members who know them, on other forums, etc.
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