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MB Star computer

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A few months back I bought a new Chinese knockoff MB Star C5. I hooked it up to Max and did a quick scan for error codes on the ECU, it seemed to work fine. Now just in the past couple of weeks I got one of my friends Mercedes Benz S320 with a bundle of issues going on with the car. So I hook up my C5 multiplexer to it with the proper round cable under the hood and then boot the laptop. The multiplexer and laptop are supposed to communicate through WiFi but it doesn't want to do that. So I checked network setting on the laptop and all seemed to be in order. So I just got out the Cat 5 cable and connected them both together for a link, but they still will not connect and communicate with each other. It came with no instructions. I had issues with the wrong battery pack being sent with it and it still has issues. Does anybody have one of these and encountered the same problem? DCO
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I seem to remember reading somehwere installing the batteries does cause problems on the Star computer. Somewhere I read that the only reason you would need batteries is as a backup if you were updating the computer.
The Star comes with a long green ethernet cable that runs between the multiplexer and the laptop. Using the ethernet cable shows a link light on the laptop along with an occasional data light flashing. The multiplexer shows a cat 5 connection cord in it's display. But it says "Device not in use" regardless of what I do.
The network connection for the WiFi connnection is set to DHCP. I may try a static address in the laptop to match the IP of the multiplexer and see if that cures it. When I go to open Vediamo from the Star main menu it tells me it needs a code. So I suspect there is a code generator somewhere to click on to generate a code. Thank you Matthew for the reply and also Hi JZ !! Thank you too.DCO
Hi Jesse. Yes I connect the Star to the Smart with the ODBII cable. But I also have a friends 1995 Mercedes S320. To the 320 I first connected it to the ODBII. Then I used that round 16 pin(I think) cable and connected it to a connector under a panel door under the hood over on the passenger side. I got the same "Device not in use" message in the multiplexer.
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