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If you've installed the Cruise control unit from MDC in a 451, your familiar with the new cable that installs between the factory cable and it's connector on the Gauge Pod.

This adds some new length to the original cable.

So when you reinstall the gauge pod the new length can droop down until it comes to rest on the steering shaft.

The steering shaft can wear right through all the insulation and cause a short in as little as 5k miles in my case.

What to do is once the gauge pod is installed reach up from underneath and make sure the cable isn't just hanging above the shaft, it will lower as you drive, and eventually make contact.

With mine I was able to wedge the wiring back into a space and have been checking it periodically.

Hope this helps. MY symptoms, were an ESP light that kept on triggering and then strange dash lights whenever I turned to the left. As soon as I popped the gauge pod out it all stopped. And thats what led me to discover the short in the wiring.
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