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It's the first week of June, the oil has been changed, the battery has been charged, and the smart has been washed and waxed...what do you do now?

Well.....come "Meet Me in St. Louie" Louie...that's what! For a brief shining couple of days we bring our smarts together in the Midwest on the first weekend in June and this year that will happen in good ole St. Louie.

In early June our temperatures are mild, our humidity is reasonable, and our trees and grass is green, and we are just itching to get our smarts out on some curvy swervy mountainous roads. A good romp through the city would be fun as well and just who doesn't want to show off their beautiful smart car whether it is stock or modified? Some of us have a need for speed and our competitive juices are flowing by June.

All of these fun smart activities can be accomplished in one place and in just a brief couple of days. Just "Meet Me in St. Louie" June 5-7, 2015 on old "Route 66" and let's "get-r-done." The StL smarties hope you can take a couple of days from your busy lives and spend them having fun in your smart cars and meet with us in our "fair city."

Hotel: Holiday Inn St. Louis SW - Route 66
10709 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63127 USA

Front desk: 314-620-6600
Reservations: 800-HOLIDAY (800-465-4329)
Holiday Inn St. Louis SW

The special smart car group rate is $89.00 per night and that rate will be honored if you decide to stay earlier and or later than the event.


Friday June 5, 2015
4pm-5:30pm---------------Registration and "Meet and Greet"
5:45pm-6pm---------------Drive to Ball Park Village
6pm-6:30pm---------------Group Picture
6:30-8:30pm---------------Dine at and explore Ball Park Village
------------------------------Your choice of restaurant in BPV
8:30-9:30pm--------------Walk to "City Garden" "walk on water"
------------------------------and literally "get into someone's head."
9:30-10:30pm-------------Drive on "Route 66" and visit the
------------------------------famous "Ted Drewes Frozen Custard"
10:30pm-------------------Drive to the hotel via old "Route 66"
10:30pm- ?----------------Fire pit discussions

Saturday June 6, 2015
7am-8:30am---------------Breakfast at Hotel or local eatery
8:30am-9am---------------Gather for instructions "Rallye smart Takes
-------------------------------the Cakes'
9am-11:30am--------------Depart on "Rallye smart Takes the Cakes"
11:30am-noon-------------Grade Rallye sheets
Noon-1pm------------------Dine on original St. Louis cuisine in Forest
1pm-1:30pm---------------Gather for instructions for "Rallye San Luis"
1:30-4:30pm---------------"Rallye San Luis"
4:30pm-6pm---------------smart Car Show
6pm-6:30pm---------------Get refreshed and gather to drive to "Pole
-------------------------------Position Raceway"
6:30pm-7pm---------------Drive to "Pole Position Raceway"
7pm-9pm-------------------Buffet dinner of St. Louis specialties and
-------------------------------Indoor Go Cart Racing
9pm-9:30pm---------------Awards presented for Rallyes, Car Show,
-------------------------------and Racing
9:30-10pm------------------Depart for the hotel or if you're worthy...
-------------------------------more Ted Drewes frozen concretes
10pm- ?---------------------Fire pit discussions

Sunday June 7,2015
7am-9am-------------------Breakfast at the hotel or local eatery
9am-11am-----------------Check out of hotel
There is a rumor about a possible float trip
on Sunday afternoon.

Please respond in this thread if you are planning on attending and you will be listed as such. Please include your screen name and how many will attend. Rallye charges and payment info will be in a following post.

You have a car show from 4:30 to 6:pm on Saturday. We're will this be held at?

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It would behoove someone to make this an event on Facebook to get the word to those folks. I added it to and Club Smart Car as it hadn't popped up on either site. :)

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You have a car show from 4:30 to 6:pm on Saturday. We're will this be held at?

On a reserved area of the parking lot at the hotel with exposure to Route 66 (Watson.)

When people return from the rallye we can line them up in their proper car show slots, have them put proper signage on their car and look at the rest of the smarts, vote on their favorites of the classes, relax, get refreshed and ready for the short ride to Pole Position for dinner and go carting.

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Hope to be there Mick but it is still to early for me to plan. Hope the hotel has a lot of rooms for us that normally book late. I dis like staying at a different hotel up the street. I will look at plans, miles, and time, and let you know asap.

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You can make the reservation at this time and cancel later without penalty if it doesn't fit your plans.

Letting us know if people are planning on coming helps us with the planning. Thanks, Mick
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