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Meet "Snowball"

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Purchased in Cali and shipped to Ohio. UPS unfortunately lost the package that contained the original title from the dealer.

Have an Android head unit and the Metra faceplate and cables on the way. Also have a Zencar Level 2 charger on the way. Also have a Konnwei OBD Bluetooth dongle on the way to see if it will show any live battery data in Torque. Otherwise I'll try to build the Odyssey monitor.

Haven't had an electric since a CommutaCar in 2004. What a difference 35 years makes :)

Excited to get my EV smile back


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Welcome to SCoA! Always good to have another Ohio owner here. :)

Not sure where you are, but if range permits you can join us the weekend of 6-8 April for the Ohio April Fools X Can-Am smart rally in the Dayton area.
Yep, that's a bummer. I mentioned to Eric Gray at the Columbus dealer that even if I bought an ED from him it wouldn't have enough range to get back to our house. :shrug:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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