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Hey guys! It was a great meet and greet yesterday! Kaylie, Myself, Ali and his wife were extremely surprised at the turn out! Great Job! We had five smarts show up and dragged their owners with them! (remember, you do not have to own a smart to join!) I think as a group, we decided to kick it up a notch and get some events started. There are plenty of city events to take part in this year, and some of our own! Some of the events we want to do soon are as follows:

Smart Poker Run/Care Clinic
(will need mucho support from members/dealership)

DFW Smart Golf Tournament
WinStar Casino drive
Turner Falls Drive
Dr. Pepper Factory Drive/tour
Winery Drive/Tour
Beer Plant Drive/Tour
Fort Worth Stockyards Drive/Tour
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mardi Gras Parade
Euro Car Show

These are all great ideas and I am excited to get started planning them with you all.

Tomorrow, I am going to the dealer to lobby for support from them as well, as re-calling Dallas City Hall and Lewisville City Hall for event planner info. I know the Western Day Parade is coming in september here in Lewisville and we have gotten media coverage for it before from WFAA.

And remember home comings at the local High Schools as a possiable event also.

I also want to ask that all of you who wish to be a part of the DFW Smart Club please fill out the NEW form on our website HERE!
This will help us keep track of who is visiting and who wants to be a part of up coming events as well help everyone be on the same page. If you have filled out one before, please do so again. The form before was broken and not working correctly. This one should work perfectly, as all man made technology does! :rolleyes:

If you have any questions, or ideas please email me or PM me.

Thanks again and lets make this a great year!

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