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Melted oxy sensor plug! Oh boy....

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Hey all! It's been a bit, but I'm still poking around.:D

Unfortunately, I'm coming with a problem I haven't found elsewhere on the board and I'm hoping someone could help out a bit. In an effort to avoid the dealership after a myriad of things, I had my muffler repaired at a local shop from the typical flex pipe wear. They've never really worked on the smart more than tires. They could likely use as much help as me, but were willing to take it on. They stripped a couple of panel screw holes, but I digress...

After the repair, I kept smelling baking plasticy oily smell but thought that may have been oil burning off from working on the muffler as I remembered a similar smell from when the car was new. Unfortunately not. They didn't string up the plug to the downstream sensor, so the plug rested on the exhaust bits and melted... quite badly. The Wiring is still fine, and it seems to be maintaining a connection in the plug for the time being so I'm not gonna mess with it until it's an issue. But If that thing ever dies, It's gonna have to be cut out. So What I'm asking is this:
I know replacement connectors are made for other cars, but I have no idea which to look for on the smart. Does anybody happen to know the correct one?
Any help is appreciated!
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