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My car, a 2008 model with about 160,000 miles on it, broke the right driveshaft a couple of weeks ago at the outer CV joint.

The legendary parts system of M-B was more slow than I hoped; even with a V.O.R. order, it took 12 days for the shaft to arrive in Canada from Germany (Canada only stocks the [godawful] CVT automatic style driveshafts), and a day and a half to get to Victoria from Toronto. The dealer did a good job getting it done at the last minute on Friday afternoon.

I've driven other cars to more than double that distance with no drivetrain woes to speak of, so this failure was pretty damned disappointing. The shaft wasn't cheap, even with the nice discount the dealer gave me on parts and labour.

The failure shear plane shows no evidence of torsional distress (so don't think it's all those burnouts I've been doing :D), but rather the metal fatigue looks like bending, vibration or some corrosion that propagated into a crack.
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