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The German car company is officially rolling out a brilliantly simple system that will help fire, police and ambulance crews access critical information about a car when arriving on the scene of an accident.

The stickers in question are QR codes that when scanned by a smartphone or tablet will identify the exact model of car, where its airbags, batteries and high voltage cables are located and the optimum points for cutting the vehicle open and safely extracting occupants if the accident is serious.

Mercedes revealed it was working on the system, called Rescue Assist, back in May 2013 and at the time said it hoped to bring it to new and existing cars in its range by 2015. It also revealed that it had waived any rights to patent the idea in the hopes that other car companies would follow its lead and introduce the stickers to their own vehicles -- echoing the gesture made by Volvo when it invented the three-point seatbelt, a device estimated to have saved over 1 million lives since 1959.
Mercedes-Benz plans to create Rescue Assist QR codes for all Mercedes vehicles as far back as 1990 and existing owners will be able to get the stickers added to their cars free of charge.
Hopefully this will include smart models as well. :)

Mercedes-Benz launches Rescue Assist QR codes
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