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Office of Commissioner Marc David Sarnoff
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, Florida 33133
Claudia M. Miró
(305) 250-5332
Media Advisory

Telephone: (305) 250-5333
Fax: (305) 579-3334
For Immediate Release
Monday, October 29, 2007
Miami, FL

Smart Move By Commissioner Protects Environment

Miami, Florida – October 29, 2007 – Since his election as Miami’s District 2 Commissioner, Marc D. Sarnoff has consistently championed “green” initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and building a better quality of life for Miami residents. The commissioner’s recent work to reduce plastic bottles and bags, protect and reforest the city’s trees and develop eco-friendly parks has earned him the nickname “The Green Commissioner”.

On Tuesday - October 30th (Tomorrow), Commissioner Sarnoff will make a personal commitment to practice what he preaches when he becomes one of the first in this country to test drive and purchase the “most talked about car to hit U.S. streets next year”. (USA TODAY 2/6/07).

The smart fortwo car is arguably one of the safest, most fuel efficient and eco-friendly cars in the world. Already popular in 36 Countries, it recently earned an “Editor’s Pick” distinction at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit. The vehicle caught the Commissioner’s attention when he learned how the car’s builder (DaimlerChrysler) was making revolutionary changes in product manufacturing and innovatively preserving our natural resources. The entire bodywork of the Smart car is powder coated rather than painted, using 40% less energy than conventional painting methods with zero solvent emissions. Key components of the car are made from 100% recyclable synthetics and materials like formaldehyde, CFC and asbestos have been eliminated. The manufacturing facility conforms to the highest standards of international environmental management systems, including a DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. Add to that a 40 m.p.g city, 55 m.p.g. highway rating and you have a car that raises the bar for automobile environmental standards.

Although the car will be available to U.S. consumers early next year, Commissioner Sarnoff and others will have an opportunity to test drive one when the Smart fortwo Road Show makes a stop at Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables tomorrow. Test-drives, exhibits, virtual safety demonstrations and interactive displays between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For more information, contact:
Claudia M. Miro
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami, Florida 33133
Telephone: (305) 250-5332
Fax: (305) 579-3334
[email protected]
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