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1st, Thank you all who post info here, helped me a GREAT deal with my recent tire decision....

I added stock 15x5.5" rims to the front and Michelin Pilot 195/55R15 (85V)all around, and I COULD NOT be MORE HAPPY!!!! :D
Here is some tech info I gathered while researching this particular tire
Section width on 5.5" wide rim = 7.77" (Approved rim widths = 5.5" - 7")
Sidewall height= 4.22"
Overall Diameter= 23.5"
Each tire weighs= 19.8 LBS
Pilot Exalto A/S | Michelin Tires

Car handles AWESOME, the ride is MUCH improved, and I think the look is Amazing!
During HARD, FAST cornering there is about 3-4 millimeters area on the front inner fender lip where the tire rubs, but since it is plastic it is a NON-Issue to me and only visible if you look right to where I would point it out to someone.

Hope this helps someone with their research/Decision process!


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I HAD the Pilot Exalto 195/50/15s all around, until I killed one of them by hitting a monster pothole. :( I would've replaced the damaged tire with the same, but Michelin no longer makes that size. So I replaced two tires with BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 in same size. I've got the Goodrich on the rear now, but am thinking I'll move them to the front/Michelins in the rear.

I had no rubbing with the 195/50s. But, like you, I really enjoyed them on four corners. The BF Goodrich seem pretty nice too, at about half the price.

Good looking car you've got there.
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