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This is a reminder about the SMART & Mercedes National event August 15-18 in Topeka, Kansas for four days of fun.

Here is the web address:

There will be:

Events Mid-America Caravan

Get ready for a busy time in Topeka, because we've packed a lot of events for your enjoyment. From the Wecome Reception to the final Awards Banquet, your time in the Heartland will provide wonderful education, relaxation, socialization, and excitement with the events we've planned for you..

As you browse through these pages, check out the line-up of events. We've planned everything from Autocross to Acceleration Runs, Road Rallye to Time Trials, Defensive Driving to Performance Driving, Tours and Toasts, Banquets and Concours, Art and Entertainment, and everything in-between.
Below is a listing of the Automotive Related Events we've scheduled...
Concours d'Elegance/Car Show

The Concours d'Elegance/Car Show is a showing of cars which are prepared and cleaned to appear as close to "showroom original" as possible. Cars are classed in accordance with rules established by the National Events Committee. These rules and classes are in the National/Regional Events Rule book and can be viewed on line at The event is judged and trophies are awarded. In Show Class, the entire car, including the undercarriage is judged. In Street Class, undercarriage is not judged. Display class is not judged, but is a chance for others to enjoy your car. Two classes were recently added: one is the Silver Star Preservation Class for cars over 25 years old in original, unrestored condition. This class is not judged, but a certificate will be issued to qualifying cars. The other is the Custom Class for any car that has been modified for appearance or performance so that it is no longer authentic. There will be trophies for this judged class. Also, please note that the smart fortwo now has its own category for judging.
At Your Leisure Rallye

A Rallye will take participants from our hotel on some of the scenic byways in the area. It is a beautiful drive that is most safely driven with two people, but you may drive it alone if you prefer. You may take the Rallye as a “Rally” (answering questions at key stops along the way) or as a “Drive” (to simply enjoy the trip). The Rallye can be completed at any time during the four days of the Mid-America Caravan. Check at the registration table for more information.
Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving is a series of small specific courses, usually defined by pylons, which are designed to improve driving skills and assist the driver in a better understanding of how his/her car will react during turning and threshold braking. The Defensive Driving School is mandatory before participating in the driving events if you have not completed Defensive Driving within one year. These courses are low speed events and are recommended for all drivers even if they will not be entering the autocross or track events. An in-car instructor will accompany each participant on the course.

An autocross is a low-to-moderate speed driving event held on a parking lot or similar area. Pylons designate the course of gates, straight-aways and turns. The object is to traverse the course as quickly as possible without striking the cones or going "off course." Drivers and instructors will walk the course to become familiar with the layout, the track surface, the turns, and any unusual conditions before taking practice laps with an instructor on board.
Acceleration Runs

The Acceleration Run is a quarter mile run from a standing start. The object is to complete the distance in the shortest possible time. Drivers are given three timed runs. This will be held at the Heartland Park Dragstrip.
Driver Education

& Performance Driving School

The Performance Driving School is an instructional school with a trained in-car instructor. Emphasis is on handling, control, braking, and proper use of the hands and eyes. There are established rules for one car passing another. Safety is a primary concern. Classroom instruction will be held Saturday evening at the hotel. Participation in the classroom and track instruction is mandatory for drivers participating in Performance Driving and Time Trials.
Time Trials

Time Trials are individual timed laps on the full race course. The procedure consists of a warm-up lap, three consecutive timed laps, and a cool-down lap. To participate in time trials, drivers must have completed the Defensive Driving and the Performance Driving Schools. Incar instructors will be available for practice laps.

& Special Activities

Two very special tour opportunities have been arranged for our participants. A historical tour of Topeka including a visit to the Kansas Governor’s Mansion and the famous Ward-Mead homestead has been planned on Monday during the times of track practice. On Tuesday, tour participants will travel to nearby Lawrence, Kansas and visit the Kansas University campus, including Allen Fieldhouse, Memorial Stadium, and the Spencer Museum of Art. Take in Old West Lawrence, and Lunch at the historic Eldridge Hotel before spending some time on a shopping spree in many ”one of a kind shops” on Downtown’s Massachusetts Street, before returning to our Hotel for High Tea.

Lots of prizes and great company!

Aristocrat is sponsoring the event which includes SMART USA!

If you have any questions please call or email me at:

Shane Betz
913.782.1660 Home
[email protected] email
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