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I had posted this to the administrator with no reply, so I'll post it here.

How about "SIN"ers and you guys from "MO-KAN"? Wouldn't you like to have your "Club" listed here under the Midwest Club section? And what about all the other Clubs in the Midwest? Wouldn't it be great to have ONE PLACE to check out events in yours and the surrounding areas?

I see others in the west and east have done so, WHY NOT US? Our two clubs seem to be VERY active and this would be a great place to have our events listed so that we could possibly draw from surrounding areas.

For example, if I hadn't stumbled upon the St Louis thread BY ACCIDENT and saw they were meeting this weekend, we would have never known and would have missed out on a great opportunity to meet some people we normally wouldn't have met. Since we were going to KC anyway, it's a nice 'break' to stop in STL for a couple hours.

Any thoughts?:)
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