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I found it on You Tube while searching for some thing else. I thought it was cool. I will check it out again. :)

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already exists in the real world

RINSPEED made one very similar

World Premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2002

Rinspeed Presto

Double your pleasure, double your fun

RINSPEED DESIGN, the Swiss creative source for innovative automotive concepts and fantasies, presents a very special attraction on the occasion of its 25th anniversary:

Rinspeed Presto.

The Rinspeed Presto transforms itself in a few seconds from an under-3-meter long two-seater roadster - presto! - into a 3.7-meter long four-seater with plenty of room for the rear-seat passengers. The additional space can also be used as a pick-up bed for cargo when the rear-seat backrests are folded down.

The magical trick

This almost magical transformation is made possible by a centrally located electric motor, which stretches the vehicle with the help of two mechanical screw-and-nut gears by exactly 746 millimeters to its full extended length of 3.74 meters. The longitudinal members run on low-friction precision rollers and disappear like a drawer in the rear of the floor pan. Despite its variable length the engineers succeeded in designing the adjustable Presto floor pan with the torsional rigidity necessary for a roadster. To ensure absolute operational safety the extension mechanism also features self-locking safety latches.

Lots more available at
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