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"The Minnesmarta Chapter of the SCOA had their first meet-n-greet event on Sunday, June 8. The Minnesmarta Chapter is comprised of smart drivers and driver-wanna-be's that have taken delivery out of the Bloomington, MN smart center.

The first event was a gathering and cruising of 13 smart cars near and around Lake Minnetonka just west of the Twin Cities proper. The event started with a gathering of smart fortwos in downtown Wayzata where the owners were eager to see and experience other smart people and their chosen rides.

The cruising started soon as the 'baker's dozen' of smarts were off to the first stop - a high school graduation open house!

The new graduate has been asking for a smart car and the parents were wanting to see what all the 'fuss was about.' When 13 smarts (Pures, Passions, and Cabrios) of all colors pulled up the home emptied to check out the cars in person. That's one smart graduate!

The convoy was soon off to the next stop - the Minnetonka Drive-In with it's classic ordering speakers and car-hop canopy. As the participants were enjoying hand-made malts and burgers and fries, others were too busy answering questions from numerous 'look and see folks' to even order!

The non-commissioned sales force was up to the task politely answering any all queries and letting a few people sit in cars and 'kick the tires.' Thirteen smarts really attracts a crowd in a hurry!

After a brief photo-opp across the street from the drive-in, the group was off to their next and final destination, the historic downtown and lake-side community of Excelsior. Their annual "Art by the Lake" event was going on and the drive-by smart parade drew lots of lookers for sure!

What better place to present an 'art' car than an art show! Although there wasn't even a couple small parking spaces available (let alone 13), the Minnesmarta gang wasn't dissapointed - the day was a blast and lots of great new friendships were made. A few folks stayed for the art fair and others cruised on homeward with the requisite 'smart smiles' plastered on their faces! A fun, smart day indeed!

Thanks to all those that participated:

2mutch, jefferios, WinStuart, MinnySmart, Chris and Thelma, Dan500, slime, salad, blackbeagle, Higotcha, smarterer (drove their smart all the way from Indiana!), MnDlrSmartGuy (yes, Jason, the Bloomington, MN smart manager joined us!), and Bob and Dave (Jeepersiii - members-to-be but smart owners now)

The next Minnesmarta event is planned for mid-July and will include more lake cruisin' (what else would you expect in the Land 'o Lakes?).

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