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A recent PM reminded me that a lot of new owners may find that certain fuses are missing in the NA 451 Owners Manual (pg 285). Here they are (read in four columns):

22 Low beam headlight, left 7.5A Brown
23 Low beam headlight, right 7.5A Brown
24 Brake lamp, rain/light sensor, combination switch left 15A Blue
25 High beam headlight, left 7.5A Brown
26 High beam headlight, right 7.5A Brown
27 Engine 7.5A Brown
28 Rear window heater (coupé only), engine cooling fan 40A Orange
29 Soft top (cabriolet only) 30A Green
30 Transmission 40A Orange
31 Horn, doors, central locking 20A Yellow
32 - - n/a
33 Ignition 50A Red
34 esp 40A Orange
35 Power steering 30A Green
R1 Mirror heating 5A Lt. brown
R2 Backup fuse (ignition switched +) n/a
R3 Backup fuse (ignition switched +) n/a
R4 Backup fuse (ignition switched +) n/a
R5 Backup fuse (constant +) n/a
R6 Backup fuse (constant +) n/a
R7 Backup fuse (constant +) n/a
R8 Backup fuse (constant +) n/a
R9 Seat heating 20A Yellow

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Thanks for the post. Added to the "FAQs/DIY: OPEN to see easy solutions to most common issues" stickie.
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