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Blinker can help you refinance your car just like your home. Except easier and way less paperwork. In fact, I was carpooling with my neighbor last week, and we got talking about cars. Later that day she came over on her lunch break, to the Blinker office and within 20 min. she was able to lower her monthly payment by $110 and shorten the term of her old loan by 5 months. She was thrilled!


  • Reasons you might consider refinancing your car-
    • Lower my payments
    • Take some cash back
    • Shorten the term of the loan
    • You can purchase GAP insurance
    • You can buy a warranty
    • Pay less to intrest and more to principal

If you mention you read this here I will send the first 5 people that Re-Finance a car, a free Blinker T-shirt or Hat just mention my name (Todd)

Its simple and easy, check us out on your mobile device in the app store under "Blinker" or you can check out our website here.
As of today we can help customers in the great states of Colorado, Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arkansas, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Utah (look for the rest of the country very soon) 1-844-854-0805 toll free

You can use Blinker to Buy or sell your car as well. All for FREE!
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