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Could someone straighten out the model numbers for me? It seems that different areas demarcate the fortwo differently.

According to smart, we're getting the 2nd generation vehicle.

I've seen several refereces to different "marks" (ie: mark 1, mark 2, etc.) of smart, primarily in England.

We seem to refer to the version that Canada's had until now as the 450, and what we're both getting (with Canada a few months ahead of us), as the 451.

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Basically, "Generation I" now refers to the earlier 450s. "Generation II" are 2007 and beyond 451s, including Euros, UKs, and now N.A.s. "Marks" are UK terminology for the various iterations of the G. I 450s.

From a UK source:

"mk1, launched spring/summer 98 with first imports to uk in june(ish)98. launched as 4 model range with special edition limited one heading the range. passion came with 2 specs, either sports or comfort. colours included mad red with twister blue or orange interior (1/2 leather on limited 1 or expensive extra)

"mk2 quickly launched due to very hard ride and suspension problems with mk1 Limited 1 removed and passion combined comfort and sports. mad red dropped from colour range. brabus development complete with cars not having to be retro upgraded.

"mk3 coupe developed with internal boot release, new body colours including bay grey, numeric blue etc. big change being launch of cabrio.

"mk4 launched october 2000, safety now being reviewed with new ecu fitted with trust PLUS in place of trust. earlier recall also std factory fit (straight fins on rear window replaced) fuel cap locked by solinoid in place of key. key replaced with 3 button version and std speaker package reduced not to include bins.

"mk5 march (ish) 2001, uk market now recognised although range toned down. suspension changes made with mcpherson struts added to front, new interior and exterior colours added with old removed. rhd launched as part of this range. options such as heated seats, electric door mirrors added, silver mirror covers etc.. pulse developed to 62 bhp

"mk6 range updated with new front styling, rear heat sheild etc, dcuk (Daimler-Chrysler UK)stop selling lhd to uk market. turbo upgraded (about time), brabus update their range and smart uk network spreads. cross blade launched and roadster etc developed.

"mk7, from early 2003 with 698cc engine, metal C> badge on front panel (these can be fitted to any model), "ESP" light on dash when activated, Hill Start Assist (HSA), EBD, softer suspension, OBD diagnostics port next to the driver's storage tray near the steering wheel."
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