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I recently sent an inquiry to mods4cars about the availability of their SmarTOP for the Smart Car. For those who don't know what a SmarTOP is;

One-Touch for the roof button:
When enabled, the center console button operation is enhanced as follows:
Holding down the button in either direction will operate the top as long as the button is held.
Tap OPEN 1x to open the roof completely and roll all windows down.
Tap OPEN 2x slowly (1 sec interval) to open the roof and raise the front windows.
Tap OPEN 2x quickly (like a mouse double-click) to automatically lower windows (SLK) / raise windows (CLK,SL).
Tap CLOSE 1x to close the roof completely and raise all windows up.
Tap CLOSE 2x quickly (like a mouse double-click) to automatically raise windows (SLK) / lower windows (CLK,SL).
Tap in the opposite direction at any time for emergency stop.
When set to setting 2 (EXTENDED), it is possible to turn the ignition off and pull the key out, while the top operation continues. It is also possible to get out of the vehicle and lock the doors using the LOCK button, while the roof is closing.[!] USE WITH EXTRA CAUTION!

Remote top operation:
This function allows roof operation with the original remote using the RF signal. This works on cars with and without the IR receiver and allows for a much greater range than the close range IR solution.
Tap UNLOCK on the remote 2x (in 1 sec intervals) to open the windows only.
Tap UNLOCK on the remote 3x (in 1 sec intervals) to open the roof.
Tap UNLOCK on the remote 4x (in 1 sec intervals) to open the roof and leave windows up.
Tap LOCK on the remote 2x (in 1 sec intervals) to close the windows only.
Tap LOCK on the remote 3x (in 1 sec intervals) to close roof and windows.
While the roof in in motion, the hazard lights flash as a warning signal (unless disabled by function 1). Tapping either LOCK or UNLOCK button on the remote will interrupt the operation immediately.
IMPORTANT: When sequential unlocking (first driver's door then all other doors) is enabled, one click needs to be added (3x to lower windows, 4x to open top etc.), because 2x just opens all doors.

This was the response. I have this installed on my 2002 SLK32 and can't imagine not having it!!

Hello Rich,
we would love to develop one for the smart. Problem is with these projects, that we always need a car for some time, so we have been developing modules as either cars became available to us or as customers dropped their cars off at our lab in New Jersey.
If you are by chance on any forums or car club and know of anyone who lives in driving distance from Asbury Park, NJ, then we would gladly take on the challenge and look into it.
Upon success, whoever lets us work on their car, gets the module for free.


Best Regards,

Stefan Wilhelmy

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