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I know your probably tired seeing my posts, but I want to get this car running right, So after spending over $900 on two turbo repairs I'm being very cautious, here's what I need help with,

Got the freshly built & repaired gt2056 turbo installed, using -3 AN oil lines, my return line is about 15mm i.d., added an oil pressure gauge and a 1/8" npt needle valve to adjust the oil pressure, put the oil gauge after the valve, also using 15-50 oil, with the valve fully open I'm getting 25-27 psi on cold idle, 13-14 psi when idle is fully warmed up, driving at 70-80 mph it reads 28-29 psi, what psi should I be seeing? what psi should I set it for? how low of psi is too low?

Garrett's website recommends -4 AN lines, and no restrictors for journal bearing turbos, unless you have oil leak issues, which i've had in the past when using no restrictor, had a leak from the compressor side with the oem 5w oil, and with 15w-50.

I've read that broke down oil thins out thus creating lower psi, and not enough oil will also cause lower readings, my oil has 2k-2.5k miles on it, haven't checked the oil level, I'll do that when I get home, any help is welcome, this my daily driver, I drive 136 miles round trip to work 4 days a week, my other car is for SCCA racing, and it's too damn cold for the motorcycle..
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