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Moving from Baton rouge to phoenix

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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and healthy. I am reallocating at the end of the month and driving my smart there is sadly not an option because I need to bring my bed, furniture and stuff :(
I was considering renting a U-Haul truck and towing my smart car fortwo. Someone mentioned that I could rent a bigger truck than what I need (I have a one-bedroom apartment not a house) and just put the car inside. This to me sounds CRAZY but maybe it is a real thing people do, who knows. What do you all think would be the easiest way to move?
Thank you so much for your help
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I wish I had someone willing to drive my car there for free, I don't have a lot of friends lol :) but yeah I might end up just towing but I heard is not as easy as it sounds
Uhaul does have a trailer that the smart car will fit on, I have personally loaded my 451 on to one. At the time the trailer was being towed by a uhaul pickup truck, but i saw that all the rental box trucks also have towing capabilities as well. See their website for details.
Thank you for replying, by any chance do you remember the dimensions of the trailer or the name? The U haul guy said that my car won't work with their towing add on cuz my car doesn't have rear traction.
Nini, your car is a rear wheel drive vehicle, so it does have rear traction! Anyways, I txted the person who rented the trailer, it definitely was a uhaul, and it was the only one Uhaul rents to haul cars. He doesn't remember the exact cost, but thought it was about $50. I remember having to wiggle the ramps together a bit, but the car fit in the tracks. It was not a flatbed.
I KNEW IT!!!! I am not a car expert and I am young but I can use google. You know what, I am just gonna go to a different Uhaul. Thank you so much for all your help Jeb. God bless you.
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