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My car is a movie star

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They have made a movie in which my car has an integral part.
The studio won't allow me to post all the stills at this time. I will post as per their schedule. They have changed the title more than once, I will keep you all informed.

Donald LaFavor

The movie is to be released this summer.
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Sweet! How did you get your car in the movie? I know right now theres a guy looking for 65 smart cars in SoCal haha

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Hey congrats Don :woohoo:

We look forward to seeing the star :D

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I've thought about registering my cars since a lot of movies are filmed around here but there have been so many horror stories I'm reluctant. :eek: Most likely I'm only hearing or listening to the bad experiences.
These cars continue to please the world! :)
Look on the bright side... they're less likely to be used in chase scenes ending in destruction. Unless they remake something with Mr. Bean.
I heard that residence that live in Cali or willing to ship their car to Cali can have or had a change to be in the new up comming Fast and the Furious Film. I meet a member at the last Orlando meet who said they agreed to use his smart as a extra however he did not feel comfortable sending it to Cali without any compensation.
But those who live in Cali try to find out if its too late or not for I would love to see more smarts representing in the movies.
It would be neat if it got its own star and put its 'hand prints' aka tire treads next to it. :)
Years ago the Corvair club I was in had a bunch of cars in a movie "Attack of the Burger Pods". It never made it to any theaters but it was still fun. I think most of our scenes got cut out for time savings.
Getting a star on the walk of fame soon huh?
Congrats on your little movie star!
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