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I wanted to relay my experience at Smart Center Buffalo. This is the condensed version. I'm sending the detailed version to the general manager and Smart USA.

I'll start with the positive. Chris and Dave were very helpful when I picked up my car! They apologized for the problems I had and spent plenty of time showing me the car. Also, Linda got me a great financing rate. I love my car and couldn't be more happy with it!

Now the problems. The sales rep, Joe, clearly wasn't trained well. I tried arranging financing for weeks, and he didn't move on it. He needed to be given the information three times, and he still gave the wrong fax number to the person covering for him this week. I almost wasn't able to take possession of my car today due to problems he had.

Turns out, I was filling out the financing paperwork and thought to ask about my $99 reservation fee. They didn't have it, forgot it completely. And when they re-did the financing sheet, they discovered another error. This one was in my favor, but if I didn't bring these issues up, I would be paying significantly more.

They made no effort to make things up to me, but they did apologize. It just wasn't enough, frankly. I highly recommend anyone buying from Buffalo check which sales rep is assigned to them and request a change if it's Joe. I informed them I wouldn't deal with him again. I think the training is woefully inadequate, and I had to do far more than should be expected to get my car.

Good luck to anyone else going through Buffalo. I hope you love your cars too!
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