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My flat-tow setup

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Here are a few pictures of my set-up to flat tow my 2009 Passion.

Demco baseplate and tow bar

Front of car showing breakaway switch and 6-pin electrical connector.

Towed battery charger mounted under the dashboard.

Direct-wired 12 volt socket for the RVI3 brake.

Battery disconnect switch. It is wired to disconnect the + side of the battery.

The RVI3 Brake and the Bungee Cord.

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Nice setup, thanks for sharing. On the 453s the MB instructions are to disconnect the negative side of the battery. It's a minor nuisance because without any power you have to re-set the clocks and radio pre-sets every time you tow but I guess that's better than having the ABS, ESP or worse the transmission engage when you least expect it. We use the RadyBrute Elite Tow Bar with the mechanical built in braking system and a Blue OX baseplate & diodes for the tail lights. The mechanical braking system has cables that run from the tow bar to the brake pedal, a simple system that works really well. HOWEVER, when attaching the brake cables to the brake pedal you must leave a little slack in the cable or the ECM on the smart will think you are driving with the brakes on and will put the car into limp mode.

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BTW, the Ready Brake does have a small loop of cable that sticks out of the front of the car. When asked about the loop, I like to tell people the car is powered by a pull string...
Great pics..... looks like a great system.... will have to take a few pics when I get mine in tow position! Thanks for your reply! jio
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