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My choice of winner at the Smart late July 2007 Event:

The silver/silver exterior, red interior smart convertible, sortta knocked my socks off, and is shown in the last 30 seconds of the below rare video link find.

Like the new Cadillac commercial says. "the real test is, when you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"

Well, yes. I liked it. Even numerous women I inquired to, seemed to enthusiastically prefer the red interior, and liked this silver/silver/red smart 2008 color combo.

Typically, I don't like the idea of a red interior in vehicles. However, this particular 2008 red smart interior, with the silver/silver exterior combo, I did like, a lot.

This was 'the actual' one of two I test drove at the July event. Depending on how well they cleaned after I drove it, (they were cleaning these cars all through the day to keep them looking good for test drives), my DNA could still be in the one you see in the video!

It was a nice day for a convertible, nice location, lots of green grass and trees on the commons between two museums.

This video find is the only place I have seen a real photo/video with the new 2008 red interior and silver/silver exterior combination, and I was lucky to be able to see this same vehicle & color combo in person. From what I have seen of other smart event videos, this particular silver/silver/red interior smart combo may not have been shown, except at this particular event I attended.

Before making a final decision on my $99 reservation order, I would enjoy comparing this silver/silver/red, with a 'White'/silver/red, having never seen the latter in person.

Does anyone have a video, or photos, of a 2008 USA white/silver exterior, 'red' interior, convertible smart?

(key word 'red interior', as I have seen and like the videos/photos of the black interior, white/silver exterior coupe and convertible smart).
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