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I'll keep this short but sweet as I could go on and on.

I went into my test drive keeping my expectations to a minimum because I don't like to be disappointed, but I have to say that I was very impressed. My observations...

- I thought the quality of the interior was really pretty damn good considering this is a $15k car. It felt solid and sturdy and not nearly as "plasticky" as I thought it would. It's definitely way better than the quality you'll find in Toyota (regardless of price range). I really loathe plasticky interiors so this was a major hurdle for me to overcome and was something that I focused on. The air vents, knobs, buttons etc. felt like they would last for awhile. I take pretty good care of my stuff and I don't have kids so I can see them holding up for me personally.

- I, and my buddy, drove in Automatic mode as opposed to manual. It basically feels like you are driving a manual car but you don't have to shift, you just let the car do it for you. It FEELS like a manual because you get that little lag when the car shifts gears, it's just that YOU'RE not the one shifting, the car is. It's a little disconcerting for about 30 seconds, but I was completely used to it and had forgotten about it by the time I got from one side of the parking lot to the other. I grew up driving a manual so it was no biggie for me but I could see how someone who had never driven one would not get it or think it
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