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Today I heard a loud clear new sound in my smart. When driving down the street anytime I hit a bump there was a loud metallic clang'ing noise coming from inside the dashboard. Sounded like a hollow metal tube hitting something metal, clang . . . clang clang. When on smooth road nothing, quiet. Also this sound is inside the car and not heard outside. Car is running fine. I looked under the dash on passenger seat side and wow lots of car tech stuff to observe. Even more looking up from under drivers side. But nothing loose swinging around.

Any experienced folks who know their way around a smart car that might have an idea?

Here's a 40 second cell phone video to hear the click/clang sounds. Sound first heard at 18 seconds and gets more frequent and louder on more road bumps & potholes after that ->


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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