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If you're ambitious and careful, pull the shift motors out and carefully pull the steel motor caps off the ends and see how much carbon buildup there is. Mine is a 2008 and the brushes in mine were worn down to mere nubs and it was causing a number of codes.

Here's my thread so you'll have an idea of what's involved:

That said, the errors I was getting were not the ones you are seeing, not saying the shift motors aren't to blame, but yours seems to indicate issues with the clutch actuator. The problem could also be in the wiring harness. Have you checked the connections to the TCU under the driver's seat? (don't forget to unplug the battery and wait a while before removing the seats, you don't want airbag issues)

The only clutch actuator I have handled (mine) was in the retracted position.

They can definitely be frustrating to diagnose.
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