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Nebraska anyone?

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick intro. I've been hanging out at Club Smart Car (Canadian Forum) for many months now and just recently discovered this forum. Seems to be much more active for us here in the USA so I've joined. I'm a car guy and have always been a fan of small cars. I got the Cooper when it first came here in 2002 and just last year traded for a Cooper S Convertible (which I sold this summer to prep for the Smart Car.)

I got my reservation in on March 20 and confirmed my order on October 8 (just days after my test drive in Kansas City). I actually saw a story where Dave was quoted as saying "Omaha" by name as getting a dealership so I'm excited about that (if not Kansas City will be my dealership).

About it... look forward to hearing about (and seeing) lots of photos come January as deliveries begin.

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Hi, I am also from Omaha went to Kansas City for a test drive. I put my reservation in on May 26th, #1241.
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