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Need a little help with Headlight/Turn Signals

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So this has me a bit perplexed. I had to replace my "Right Headlight Housing" I ordered a band new one from Rock Auto, took the old one out put the new one in, plugged everything back in and all the lights came on execpt the turn signal. Got the multimeter out and there is power going to the turn socket and the bulb is brand new. So, I took out the left side turn bulb and holder put in in the right side and still not working. When I put the left turn bulb back in the left side, now its not working so now I have no working signals in the front just the back is working. I disconnected the battery for a few hours and still have the same problem.

Any Ideas?
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Is it an LED bulb? They are polarized. Put it in the wrong way and they won't light up.
No. I took the headlight assembly out of the box and plugged it in, all the bulbs came preinstalled.
Is this a US 451? If so, there is an “unused” bulb socket. Make sure you are installing the bulb in the correct socket.

Also, the signal bulbs are dual-filament. It’s possible to put them in backwards, meaning the brighter filament would turn on with the running lights and the dimmer when you apply the brakes. Make sure the bulb is seated all the way into the base.
He's talking about the front lights..... :)
He's talking about the front lights..... :)
Oh, crap. I’m a dunce. Thank you for calling me out and I’m sorry if I lead anyone astray.

The bulb holders in have a very specific orientation and you should feel a detent or “click” when it’s fully seated. It sounds like the electrical connector in the bulb holder isn’t mating properly with the conductors on the lens housing. In the OEM headlight housing, there are small arrows on the bulb holder and housing to show the lock and unlocked holder orientation. Make sure they are lined up correctly.
I will check it out, thanks.
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