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Need a place to get oil changed.

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Hi all, new member here, just joined. I own a 2015 Smart Fortwo, bought it in 2017, had two free annual oil changes from the dealership, but those are both used up. I definitely can not afford dealership prices right now, but I need to get my oil changed. (It should be fully synthetic oil). Anyone able to recommend a good trustworthy place? I'm usually pretty wary of the big chains. Anyway, I live in the Carlsbad/Encinitas area but will travel to go somewhere trustworthy. Thank you!

- Adeen
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I would recommend that you find a local independant shop that works on German vehicles, specifically Mercedes-Benz. An oil change is an easy process. Just use the correct Mobil 1 0w/40 European Formula oil an the correct oil filter. I believe the Mobil 1 oil filter is an M8. Oil capacity is 3 1/2 quarts.
Also, I would like to invite you to join the So Cal Smarties, which is a smart car owner's club. Membership is free. Just go over to: to join.
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Any good automotive service department, can do basic maintance to a smart. Nothing exotic about the car. I been using a independent for many years.

‘your in Southern California. Why don’t you take you car, over to madness autowork. They specialize working on smart cars. There in Signal Hill, California. Full service.

I am not sure if this is practical for you, but I just got done watching this guys YouTube video where it shows how he changes his own oil since he only has to do it once a year, and in his videos it how’s how the car was taken to a dealer 3 previous times and knows that they did not change the oil or air/cabin filter. Using drive up ramps and an a container to catch the oil from Walmart or amazon would pay for itself one time changing your own oil if you can.
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This is the easiest car to do your own oil changes I’ve ever owned. Everything is easily accessed from the back of the car. 15 minute job. I have taken my cars to jiffy lube the last decade or so but since getting the smart I’m doing my own oil changes.
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Smarts are easy to change the oil.

You need a Wix 51356 XP oil filter, a 24mm six point socket, a jug of Pennzoil Euro 0W-40, a dishpan, a funnel, some rags, a filter wrench, an empty gallon gas can and a curb...

(watch the shipping costs at Rock Auto, they can be a little high)
You can also find the filter at NAPA

Park so your rear is hanging off the curb, put hand brake on, slide dishpan under, remove filter, grease gasket with fresh oil, replace.
Use 24mm six point to remove oil plug, drain. Clean plug, replace. Careful of the copper gasket
Drain old oil into gallon gas can
Fill Smart with FOUR quarts fresh oil from the service flap under carpet...
(With the longer filter, the Smart takes exactly four quarts)
Start car, run for a minute, check for leaks

(I think that drain plug is a 24mm)
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I do mine with the car flat on the ground. No need really to do it any other way. Drain bolt and filter easily accessed from the rear without much difficulty.
I use a 15/16 crescent (what I already have) for the drain plug..
Changing the oil on a 451 is much easier then the 453. The difficulty with the 453 is the location of the oil filter which is a cartridge type and it requires a 24mm socket to loosen the cannister. I could be mistaken on the socket size since I don't own a 453.
Just FYI: on 453, the oil filter removal tool is a 27mm socket. Drive up on planks of wood on all 4 wheels will make things way easier.
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Oil filter for the 452 (2016 and up Smart) can be found on either Rock Auto or Auto Zone
Watch the shipping on Rock Auto, however...

Rock Auto also has oil...
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