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I am preparing for this way in advance.

I have a 2018 Smart ED. Thank you for the advice on where to get the dessicant filter so I can bring it with me.

I have leased it for three years. 5595$, short mileage, 27,500 miles, one time pay.

I got into a jam with the either or clause on a 2016 gas model. Checkup at 10,000 miles or one year. The display went eventually to blocking the whole screen.

What am I required to do for the first checkup? I know the filter has to be replaced. That’s about all. What will I have to have done. It have 2000 miles on it.

Is there a service center close to mid state NY? 13905? I’ve found some at 180 miles away. Or, can I get it done locally from a higher class than normal fix it center.

Last year, they were waiting for the chip to reset the display which didn’t come in time.

They had been waiting for months. It cost them 1800$. Is that a fairy tale or can a non Mercedes shop get a chip in the first place?

Would it be better to drive it, charge, drive it, charge or tow it? If so, can I get it into a uhaul box so I don’t get rock damage or use a trailer, all wheels up and cover it?

Thank you all. First check up is in February, 2019.

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Are you saying that someone told you that you needed some "chip" replaced to reset the service reminder on the display?

The display reset procedure is shown here:

The one-year service does not involve anything that a dealer needs to do it is just the normal items that are typical for an annual inspection that many US states require. Look in the maintenance manual that came with the car. MB finance or other lessor cannot require you you to have the car serviced at an M-B dealership. Any mechanic will do. Save the documentation of the service.

We earlier lessees only had to take the car to a dealer becasue of the required battery pack health check that was a mandatory part of the now-defunct BAP plan.

A desiccant replacement is not done on the first year service. It is done every other year - and is an easy DIY job.

As far as transporting the car, it should be doable (although not optimal) with U-Haul 2-wheel dolly. Do a search in the other forums about it. The real wheels, not the front, must go on the dolly and the front steering wheel secured in a straight-ahead position with tie-down straps. A car transporter is preferred assuming your towing vehicle is large enough (they are pretty heavy - probably heavier than the whole smart car).

A 453 will not fit through the rear door of even the largest U-Haul Trailer, but perhaps larger enclosed trailers are available for rent.

And why are you worrying about stone damage? You are risking that every time you drive the car anyway. Any minor nicks or chips are normal wear and tear and you will not be penalized at the end of the lease.

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Latest news. I called in advance for my first 2018 Smart ED due in February.

MB covers one way to a dealer. The closest service center is a round trip I’d 280 miles.

I called the dealer. All was well. I asked him if he was absolutely sure he could reset the display. He said yes.

I made the mistake telling him that my display came up with some odd messages. The electric has 1800 miles.

He then told me if the chip gives him any information and warranty doesn’t cover it I would have to pay.

I said, it’s a lease car. Doesn’t matter. So, I called my high end car repair shop and as of one year ago has not received the chip for the machine which will reset the display.

I said, that was one year ago. He said I know. All manufacturers are doing the same. We have sued and we will never win. We can do brakes but will never be able to rest any displays. I’m sorry.

So, back to the service center. This happened last year with my gas model. I was told I was going to be charged 360$ to even look at the display. It happened last year at the exact same time when it got cold.

I just can not see the value of getting it serviced and be told I have a thousand dollar bill. I will call MB and call you back.

The main problem. The display has to be reset. If not messages fill the screen and it’s not useable. I would say that a certain number of days go by and the smart will shut down.

My local high end repair shop can not reset the the display. So that is not a possibility.

I will call MB tomorrow. I asked if anyone had a team or just one tech to come out, check the battery and reset the display. No, no and no. Wow, that is not efficient. One person could cover the US in outlying areas for little to nothing.

He said, I know

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Are you saying that someone told you that you needed some "chip" replaced to reset the service reminder on the display?

The display reset procedure is shown here:

Smart - Reset Service Light - YouTube
In the responses to the video, two people mention that the reset procedure doesn't work for their 2014 ED. That's what I have. Does anyone know what the reset procedure is for the 2014 ED?

Also, along with a mini wrench symbol as in the video, it has text that servicing is due.

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I believe that it does work for the ED's. Anyway, here is the procedure that works for both of my 2014 ED's. Sometimes it works the first time. Sometimes it works the twentieth time. Sometimes it's frustrating.

1. Turn key to position 1

2. While the cluster is still saying "Smart," double click the button
to bring up the maintenance indicator.

3. Release the button and turn the key off.

4. Quickly press and hold the button and turn the key back to position
1. This is while the cluster still has the maintenance reminder on.

5. Hold the button in until it resets to 10K.

6. Worked for me!!

2014 EV Coupe 17,000 miles
2014 EV Cabriolet 10,000 miles
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