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We are doing a pro photoshoot with car photographer Peter Dawson ( just check out peterdawson dot net) and are reaching out to LA area Smart owners who might be interested in bringing their car by the studio for an hour or 2 either this saturday or sunday on West Pico Blvd in LA. We have a fun project where we are creating the first ever Fuel Efficient car babes calendar. So the top 12 most fuel efficient cars with hot swim suit models posing on them. With gas prices so high, fuel efficiency is hotter than horsepower and we think the fuel efficient car sector could use a little attitude and coolness. The photoshoot should be pretty fun and we will hook you up with a fine bottle of champagne and some awesome photos of your car for being involved.

We need to have a Smart car locked in for the shoot within the next couple days, so it's first come first serve. So email me ASAP is you are interested. Cars can be any color, but we are really looking for either red, blue, silver, yellow, or white. Shiny black could work, but is low on our list because it just takes longer to light in the studio.

Email me at mtcessario at yahoo dot com

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