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Need new engine, looking for solutions

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Good afternoon,

I have a 2009 Smart Car that is paid off. A mechanic told me that I have to replace the engine because the block overheated and leaked coolant. I've been having the car sit for about 2 years in my driveway. I don't have the financial means to repair it. I have about $800 in aftermarket parts on there? What's the cheapest way about going to fix or swap the engine? Any 4 cylinder options? I have someone that's willing to swap it out. I know I can probably get $1,000 for it as is.

Thanks Smart Family!
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Over 10 years in and still no go to engine repair/remanufacture/replace structure for the 451 Smarts.

My mint condition 2007 Pontiac Torrent SUV with 142,000 miles blew a head gasket with badly pitted heads. Wasn't even a question... Rebuild, new heads, new gaskets, the talents of a gifted engine builder. 2 years later at 159,000 miles the engine purrs and I still covet this mint truck.
I am really hoping to find a Smart engine network by time mine is in need I am just over 38,000 on my Smart at this point. It is my intent to own two more smarts this summer a 451 to flip and a 453 to keep.
This place offers rebuilt 451 fortwo heads:

They already offer one Mitsu 3 cylinder in rebuilt form, no reason they couldn't do the 3B21 from a 451. :)
All right now that is good info. Now a Shop that has Grow comfortable with dropping this engine and working with it. Smart Madness where are you with the engine rebuilding of the Smarts. My sweet spot for a DOA engine to running again is $3,000 I would Pay that to continue the life of my smart. And to that point I would buy a broken Smart for $1,500 and throw $3,000 to resurrect the engine and feel great about it.

But now what is this to the thread starter.

Are you looking to just swap out the engine for some sort of full mod creation or to rebuild back to stock. Did your block crack, heads warp or some sort of harness melt down. In your case you already have the labor portion covered. So what is the the fast track to your Smarts resurrection.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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