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Need new engine, looking for solutions

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Good afternoon,

I have a 2009 Smart Car that is paid off. A mechanic told me that I have to replace the engine because the block overheated and leaked coolant. I've been having the car sit for about 2 years in my driveway. I don't have the financial means to repair it. I have about $800 in aftermarket parts on there? What's the cheapest way about going to fix or swap the engine? Any 4 cylinder options? I have someone that's willing to swap it out. I know I can probably get $1,000 for it as is.

Thanks Smart Family!
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If you're looking for a cost friendly solution going for another engine is not going to work. Aside from the aforementioned computer issues I imagine there's going to be a lot of custom fabbing going on. I think I've seen someone buy an engine for like $500 but those are so rare they may as well be unicorns.
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