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need parts

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need grille and both lower caps where driving lights go......pls call me (4078605237)and leave a msg or send me a txt to [email protected]
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I tried ordering the lower spoiler and the covers from MBpartsonline. They said the numbers I came up with were wrong for my VIN. I told them I got it off your website which must be wrong. They then asked me to send a picture of the parts I need...... DUH!!! If I had the parts I wouldn't be ordering them now would i??? I cancelled the order and got some for much less on Ebay from China.
Maybe you can visit WeDoi. WeDoi is a professional manufacturer of auto parts.
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Thank you for the info.
“WeDoi might be not the best, while we are always trying best to do better.

We are a global online fashion retail company.”

Fashion & Auto Parts all under the same roof in China - not a good start…
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