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True, but most folk don't pay enough in federal taxes to take advantage of the tax credit.

IMHO, a better deal can be a 2015 ED with about 10K miles for two thousand less than this 2013. You even get some of the 4 year factory warranty with that.
Agreed, there are some great buys on low mileage lease returns out there especially now that the BAP halo is fading.

Matter of fact my MT15 ED will soon be part of that growing inventory as the residual and ongoing BAP make the buyout stupid.

Likely many who don't "pay enough" probably aren't shopping for new EV's as they may not have driveway/garage access to park and charge?

Don't confuse "pay" with that "owed" on April 15th.

While many folks may pay $0 taxes, for those who pay quarterly or through the year by payroll deduction the EV credits are an offset and the credit is payable to those who do pay.

It only serves to increase the "refund" that may or may not be due on the 15th.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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