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just saw a tv commercial advertising a new car wax (for a better word). It is called Repelify and the commercial says it lasts for 5 years and is a nano ceramic coating. Water doesn't bead it just repels off, tar, spray paint, mud etc. literally does not stick to it.
it is sold at $19.95, as is everything else on tv these days.

care to share your thoughts on this product?

I'm always a sucker for something better.

when I got my Rejex someone said water repels off but it doesn't, it just beads up like a wax does.

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Morning Terry
Just for clarification. When you say you are using "Reflex" do you mean RejeX?
RejeX is a water-clear, thin film polymer coating designed to provide an ultra-high-release surface. RejeX is commonly used as a paint sealant providing a high-performance alternative to conventional wax-based products to maximize protection and shine on vehicles of all sorts, including aircraft, cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs.
RejeX should be wiped on, allowed to dry for 10-20 minutes until it forms a haze, wiped off, then allowed to cure for 8-12 hours (depending on the humidity). The higher the humidity, the faster RejeX cures.

Seems too early to tell anything about "Repelify" I will NOT say as some do, that it is junk, just because it is sold "As seen on TV".
I have had products work exactly as advertised and some less so. I believe RainX started life being sold on late night TV.

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So far as I can tell, when a car product is marketed to “repel” something, it merely means that the substance isn’t going to stick to your car’s surfaces, but sit on top of the slippery layer made by the product.

Water will bead, brake dust shouldn’t pit, and heavy things like mud should fall off.

The usage of “repel” is technically correct, even if it isn’t the meaning customers are expecting.
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