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new emblem replacement 2014

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Front emblem

where can I buy a replacement emblem for my 2014 smart car?
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Where can I buy a new replacement for my 2014 smart car without paying ridiculous price from dealership.
Perhaps not too good !

These are "Stckers" to be applied to your "existing smart logo".
Are these easy to replace? I'm new to this but really want to give it a try.
The latest site recommendation was Smart Madness, they only offer a "Sticker",
to dress up the emblem.

Go to your local Mercedes Benz dealer and ask them to order this emblem for your smart:
Emblem - Smart (451-817-05-16)
The dealer's cost is $34.00,,,,,,when you share this with them they should quote you a very good price.

It should just pop onto the original site,,,,,,although we don't know how you lost the original.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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